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Inspiration for the Beginnings of My Handmade Ceramic Southwestern Rompers (sometimes called Storytellers)

When I was a young girl, I visited an Indian reservation in western New Mexico. While walking around, enjoying myself, when I saw a whole bunch of Indian children trying to get on a horse. The horse was just covered with children. They were laughing and yelling and carrying on. All of them were having a good time and the horse didn’t seem to mind. Children love animals and are rambunctious and have such high energy that many times they have to be told to stop bothering an animal. But they love them so much they can’t help themselves. This is where my inspiration for my Rompers came from, the love of children for animals.

My ceramic Rompers are made from molds. They are then fired in a kiln at over 3000° Fahrenheit and. then hand painted. I have created many of the items myself and had a mold made of it. My use of the southwestern colors, from the sunsets and landscapes of New Mexico, is all my own. Even my nativities and churches are influenced by the colors of the Southwest. I truly hope you enjoy them in your home as much as I enjoyed making them.

The first year after starting Spirit of the Desert, Juanita (creator/owner) created large ceramic animals as wind chime bells. One of the shops in Albuquerque asked her to pour these bells much thinner and they used them as ornaments on a 25 foot tall Christmas tree in a hotel in downtown Albuquerque. These worked out so well that the shop owner bought some more of Juanita’s large Christmas ornaments and donated them to be used as ornaments on the national Christmas tree, which came from New Mexico, in Washington DC in 1987.


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